Where to Live Around The New Transbay Neighborhood

Where to Live Around The New Transbay Neighborhood

San Francisco’s Future Community

The developing Transbay neighborhood crosses many neighborhood boundaries in San Francisco’s Southern Financial District, transforming what was once a warehouse district into a futuristic highrise community. With several development projects underway, moving to Downtown San Francisco would be an exciting investment opportunity.

Howard Street Transbay San Francisco Condos
Another highrise proposed for 555 Howard St. Photo: Rendering By Steelblue


Transbay: The Neighborhood

Transbay is not an entirely new neighborhood. In fact, its boundaries overlap with the parts of South Beach and SoMa. Along Howard Street, several new buildings will be introduced over the next years, with multi-tiered pedestrian walkways leading to City Park. Transbay also borders Downtown and Rincon Hill, two neighborhoods that contribute to the urban vitality and offer a glimpse into San Francisco’s future.

Howard Street Transbay San Francisco Condos
A new bridge for public transportation above Howard Street. Photo: The Chronicle


Live, Work, and Play in Transbay

Transbay thoughtfully embodies the live/work/enjoy lifestyle. The new neighborhood not only offers commercial, retail and residential opportunities, but it is surrounded by San Francisco’s best shopping and dining destinations. As for recreation and parks, Transbay also extends to parts of San Francisco Waterfront and Embarcadero. The rooftop City Park becomes another unique area of open space above ground level. Enjoy the convenience of living in and around Transbay!

Millennium Tower Transbay San Francisco Condos
The view from Millennium Tower Residence listed and sold last year. Photo: OHP


Where to Live in Transbay

Many condo highrises are located within walking distance to Transbay and Salesforce Tower. Listed below are condo buildings are their proximity to the Salesforce Tower:

0-1000 ft from The Salesforce Tower:

1000 ft – .5 miles from The Salesforce Tower:

.5 miles – 1 mile from The Salesforce Tower:


Learn more about building developments in the Transbay District:

San Francisco Chronicle

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